About us


We specialized in the creation of all types of outsourcing projects regardless of the size, our competition reach goes from creating content to social media management all ways through the setting and optimization of your company online presence. Combined with a highly specialized team and high technology equipment, our company main goal is creating an outer product that exceeds all our customer’s expectations, and simultaneously generates resources for our local economy.


Every product or Project is customized depending on every client’s needs and also, it is based solely on the requirements of the business Project. We provide the necessary tools to cover up all the potential needs of your business with a solution able to incorporate process and deliver successful results through a workflow and success indicators during all the process. Our priority is client satisfaction focus on the base: quality delivered on time.

Quality delivered on time!

Why choose Premier Technologies outsourcing services?

Save money

Being a company based in Colombia, we give some added value to clients and products through the agility and skills necessary for handling the processes with specialized teams on every matter, reducing processing time, keeping it more affordable. Without spending a big budget on the capacitation, infrastructure, and office spaces.

Transition without trouble

Our hiring outsourcing process is very easy. At Premier Technologies we count with a highly trained person in the English language, with high levels of fluency and comprehension; therefore we can take any request from English-
speaking countries and Spanish-speaking countries concurrently. Our kindness and work ethic makes us the best option for your outsourcing needs.


Experience knowledge and commitment.


Quality Outsourcing Services

Hiring outsourcing services have increased over the last few years in Colombia, including digital services. Due to the balance of high quality and low cost, many companies have chosen Colombia over other countries for outsourcing.

Complete Solutions

There is a solution to every problem. Small business has different needs compared to large companies. We have solutions and package that adapts to your Budget and limitations

Trusty Support

Get an account administrator dedicated to our entire web outsourcing services. A unique contact point makes communication organized and easier for you. The more important thing to us is to cover your commercial needs..

Added Value

We exceed your expectations by providing you services with added value. For Example, we have different free proposals for our clients. Many competitors charge for everything they do, but at Premier Technologies, we want you to prove our product quality and profitability first handed, besides we take our clients very seriously, regardless of the size of the business.

Results Guaranteed

We have developed a system to help our customers to see the result of their investment. For Example, during the construction of a website, clients can see the job during the process so they can make any suggestions. Every suggestion given by the client is considered and take into account, thereby every customer, can perceive his/her part of the creative process of his/her own website; after all, it is the company brand that we care most to highlight while keeping the business nature

Quality delivered on time!

Digital marketing production center, located in Bucaramanga city, Santander department  Colombia South America.



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